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Achieve your goals 40% faster

MyDone helps leaders focus on the big picture and empowers the team by coordinating work and goals throughout the organization

Real-time status of your business

x2 better focus for the team

Align company and personal goals

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Do the right things...

We'll make sure you do them right.

Follow the right path:

1. Brainstorm

2. Set goals

3. Record what should be done

4. Accept on all levels

5. Execute.

6. P - profit.

MyDone will help track every phase from ideation to execution

Why use MyDone?

MyDone is a task tracker that keeps leaders and teams in a sync

Single source of truth

MyDone is a meta list for all your communications: a place where you bring all your business goals, tasks and decisions

Real-time status

MyDone brings transparency on every level and answers the question: what is currently going on in my organization?

Instant bottleneck identification

MyDone highlights tasks that are not moving forward. So that you can give them a slight push 😉

Uncompromised focus

MyDone helps everyone understand goals and how each team member contributes to them

Focus on the strategy not operational

All the important team information you may need to keep your business running smoothly. Clear your focus area to do what matters now and scale you tomorrow. 

Business overview

Business goals progresss

Your to-do list for today

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Your company canvas

Identify all bottlenecks in seconds, no matter how complex your business structure is.

Business hierarchy

All levels performace

KPI's and progress

Make your work visible

Track your day-to-day business progress with MyDone. Craft unique task flows to cover any business process you might need. 

See your content in board or list view

Flexible hierarchy that can cover any company type

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Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Workflow Solutions

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