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Hi and welcome to MyDone 👋

All 4 of us found our first IT jobs more than 15 years ago. Since then IT service industry in our part of the world had grown multifold. And that's great!

So how did we find ourselves here, building MyDone?


The Story

Every company we worked at has a fulfilling mission and naturally, we strived for excellence for it to succeed. We went far beyond our cozy R&D departments: we are working with HR to hire new team members, Finance to send invoices to our clients, Legal to prepare contracts, Service Desk to provide access or procure hardware.

When pandemic hit the world, it changed many things but it never changed the necessity to collaborate with different people to achieve business goals. Where are we now? How this contributes to overall success? Are we on track? Are we actually doing what needs to be done? With remote teams now new normal, aggregating the current state and matching it against organization's goals became a tiresome, time-consuming and... well, not really fun job.

So we started asking ourselves a fundamental question: How do we know that something we and our team are working on really hard, day in, day out, is actually gonna help us accomplish our 2021 goals? Does this work add up so that our organization succeeds?

To answer those questions we need:

  • traceability between our goals and actual tasks (Are we moving in the right direction?)

  • single focus (Are we doing what is now the most important?)

Even though we know tons of metrics, data-driven dashboards and analytic tools, we all know that feeling of KPI fatigue. So our natural reaction would be to ignore them completely or review them once at the end of the year.

To solve some of these issues, we started MyDone with a mission to help businesses around the world to succeed by implementing a value-driven approach.

  • Set your goals (KPIs/OKRs) that will bring the most value to your company

  • Trace them down to actual activities in all of your departments

  • Select and focus only on metrics that matter

  • Overview of the current state of your company (even as small as 1 person)

  • ...and grow your business. P - profit!

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